Vem har behörighet att köra vilken Truck?


Replacing conventional keys

Traka's iFobs can become sophisticated electronic keys that replace the need for conventional keys. In use, the iFob is inserted into a receptor socket on the dash board or control panel of the piece of equipment to be managed, be it a fork lift truck, a specialist tool trolley, a server data rack, a restricted room or secure area. A Traka Immobilisor is wired behind each receptor socket to provide the intelligence to determine if the user has sufficient privileges to use the equipment, enter the controlled area or start the vehicle.

Immobilisors and MHE

IFob's, normally retained inside a Traka key management cabinet, can only be accessed by authorised users once they have identified themselves to the key cabinet / controlling software.  There are three principle modes of operation in MHE - which mode you adopt will depend mainly upon your working practices and the procedures that you want to enforce on your site.

iFob Per Truck

Used in this way, iFobs can be taken by any authorised driver but, the iFob selected will only start one predetermined truck.  If a driver needs to access another truck then he or she will need to return to the cabinet, replace the initial iFob and then take the appropriate iFob to start the next truck.  The advantage of using this approach is that a visual audit at the cabinet will identify which trucks are out in use - and by a quick enquiry, you can find out who is presently driving each truck.

iFob Per Person

This approach enables an authorised driver to take just a single iFob and it will start all trucks that he/she is permitted to drive.  The advantage of this system is that a driver does not have to return to the key cabinet in order to swap vehicles.  It also has the advantage that if an iFob is lost or taken home by a previous user, use of the truck by other staff is not hindered.

Personal Issue iFob

This concept has a different mode of operation. iFobs are not housed in a key cabinet - they are issued to drivers on a permanent basis - they become their own personal issue, similar to a piece of PPE equipment.  Their user profile is written into the iFob - so all trucks defined within their profile can be operated.  The driver need only return to the Traka cabinet once per shift at a convenient time to download and refresh the iFob memory. The main advantage here is that less time is spent at the beginning or end of each shift queuing to access a cabinet if you have large numbers of staff.

Collision detection

An optional component can be the inclusion of a collision detector - this is wired with the Immobilisor under the dashboard of the truck and can be used to determine if a truck has been involved in a collision. The sensitivity of the detector can be adjusted to only record collisions above a pre-set threshold. In the event of a collision the detector can be configured to either 'cut-out' the truck or simply report it when the iFob is next returned to the Traka key cabinet.

Small Fleet Immobilisor

The Small Fleet Immobilisor is intended for sites with just a few fork trucks or pieces of equipment to be managed.  It does not utilise a key management cabinet nor the supporting Traka software.  This system operates by the supervisor iFob (which is authorised to access all trucks) 'teaching' a truck if each user iFob is 'permitted' to start that truck, or not.

It is low cost and simple to install yet, it will keep a site compliant with Health & Safety legislation, by determining that only authorised and competent staff can access and use dangerous vehicles, machinery and equipment.

AMT Management and MHE

Arm-mounted data terminals are a daily work-tool for fork truck drivers in large distribution centres. Locating AMT's quickly, storing them properly and ensuring that they are in good working order helps to get shifts started quickly and run efficiently. Again, using our sophisticated software, we control who can access them, determine who last used each AMT (or at any previous time) and record and lock-out any faulty units that need to be repaired.

Traka offers three solutions to achieve AMT management effectively, housing AMT's in

Conventional lockers located near the office and controlling the access to each locker by using a key attached to an iFob, managed through a Traka key cabinet
Intelligent keyless lockers located near the office and managed directly by Traka's powerful software, configured to permit specific drivers to access only specified equipment
Truck mounted AMT housing and recharging terminal boxes which can only be accessed by the truck operator using his / her iFob - the box also holds a spare AMT battery which is continuously recharging.

Immobilisors and Access Control

Traka Immobilisors are the core component of all our access control solutions - because they do just that - control access! The sophisticated internal electronic control enables it to determine, by reading each individual iFob content, the profile of each user trying to access the device - be it a fork truck, a tool cabinet, a room or secure area. This happens as the user inserts his/her iFob into the adjacent receptor socket. Only if the user has a pre-defined and recognised access right to that device will the Immobilisor permit the user to start the vehicle or access the area.

Access till truck via sin personliga iFob med "rätt" behörighet. Dagens arbete registreras på iFoben, hur länge truck stått stilla, kraftiga inbromsningar, kraftiga stötar...

Användaren kan bara köra "rätt" truck dvs truck som han/hon har behörighet att köra.

Liten som stor truck kan köras med "rätt" behörighet..

Varje morgon hämtar man ut sin access iFob ur ett Traka elektroniska nyckelskåp. Efter att man har loggat in i skåpet skrivs sin behörighet över till din iFob..

Vid dagens slut hänger man in sin iFob i Traka nyckelskåp igen, all information skrivs över till Traka´s databas där efter kan en rapport skickas via mail till behöriga personer..

För en extra säkerhet kan man koppla ett alkolås till Traka skåpet så att man först måste göra ett godkänt utandningsprov innan man kan kvitera ut sin iFob...